The Literoom is an open & collaborative platform for startups, businesses and investors to digitize the art industry.

We will manage a highly engaged community of mentors, industry experts, coaches and entrepreneurs who are willing to exchange knowledge and foster innovation in the Art sector.

We support early stage Art Tech start-ups to transform their ideas into successful products and businesses. We provide high quality deal flows towards investors and will provide assistance in elevating the industry to the next level, whilst simultaneously stimulating the collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

Independent and not for profit

The Association

The Literoom provides a platform to enable digital innovation in the art sector. By creating an eco-system for our members, startups and investors, we can identify the most promising ideas and incubate them together with our network of mentors and coaches.

  • Independant & Neutral

  • Highly Credible

  • Not for Profit

  • Fully Transparent